Finding The Right Name and WordPress.

ideaThis blog was stimulated by and the need for better videos.

Finding the right name for your blog is not always easy. If you have a popular hobby then it’s likely your hobby is already being used. Likewise your name, WordPress has I think got wise and realised they could make money off peoples names. Some years ago I registered it might be more difficult to get your name nowadays but it’s worth a try. This is a unique name on the Internet. You may want to make it a dot com at some point. I have my name as a dot com.

So my message to you at this moment in time is: be imaginative. My friend Mark tried his name and it was not available so he used his middle initial as well.  A short sentence like “FindingTheRightName” is fairly easy to remember, your message about the website. Yes, a blog is a website. Of course, I’ll get the odd hit for babies names :). Often a nickname can work LilTheKnitter or choose something that you want to talk about like shyness, nervousness, anger or chattering :). So take some time and give it some thought. This is your public address on the Internet.  Your domain is tied to your email address so if you want a new domain it will need a new email address (easily got from Gmail). You can have up to 256 characters in your domain (no spaces or punctuation marks).

There now I got inspired when reading of a person who used proudly in their domain name. So I thought what might fit… and I came up with ProudlyEclectic  – amongst the intelligentsia (lol) if asked what is your philosophy and you said eclectic this was seen as a cop out and that you hadn’t read much or thought much. However, in the ways of the world having the tenets of multiple philosophies gives a distinct advantage. I am proud to be eclectic using a multiplicity of ideas.  So yep it was available so I registered it. Then I liked the name so much I registered I put up a quick website, have a look.

See what I mean? I am not especially skilled, it’s stuff anyone can learn + a soupçon of je ne sais quois and hey presto you have a cool address on the Internet.

Remember too you can use capital letters when writing your name if appropriate.

( Clever and  lucky me  can afford €35 a year have  Philip James Finlay Bryan –  it is not so easy to get a four-letter domain.)

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